Notes from our US Social Forum National Network Visioning Session

Posted: August 7, 2010 by Sunshine Superboy in networking & movement building, tactics & resources

Thank you to Everyone who participated in our workshop, and to all of you could not be with us in person but sent delegates or communicated by email. We’re pumped to share the notes from Detroit with you all. Stay tuned for our next steps and calls to action.

We came up with five areas for a Sexual Assault/ Transformative Justice based network to build up, based on the needs of those of us in the visioning session:

1. communication
2. tech web
3. education training
4. gatherings
5. resources list

create understanding that sexual assault (SA) is not acceptable
awareness of growing infrastructure that will not ignore SA

campaigns to end SA and the violent perspectives that perpetuate it
dating violence protective orders in all 50 states

memory of processes that have been initiated in their communities and where they have gone so that if I call some chapter and say “hey this person just rolled into town, I’ve heard things, what can you tell me?” they might have something to say

commitment to not use state violence to “solve” interpersonal violence while recognizing that until we build effective community-based alternatives to the state, use of state violence may be a survivor’s best or only option, and they are not “bad radicals” for doing what they can to be safe

better internet assault-laws awareness that internet stalking involves a lot and is mostly totally unprotected

organizing at universities– policy and attitude changes

collective strategy

preventing violence before it happens

develop anti-oppression analysis

regional meetups
connections to other programs and resources: trainings, financial, knowledge
keep track of perpetrators
keeping communication around safety in transitory social scenes
shared analysis/ points of unity
end goals/ collective vision
caucuses/ identity groups
regional news
movement documentation
outside “objective” guidance
network lends credibility to local groups
develop anti-oppression analysis
consistent point people
analysis of successes and failures, public process for reflection
compile process stories
identifying allies

caucuses/marginalized identities
contact list
message board

skills for healing, expanding the idea of individual and community health
accountability process successes
sustaining community health
step-by-step process
skills for personal healing
gender analysis for parents
sensitivity trainings for professionals/healthcare workers
healing and transformation of people doing with work (body-centered)
how to talk to those who aren’t on our page (non-activists)
working with/pushing mainstream orgs
how to support people who are both survivor and perpetrator (bust the binary)
how to reach different communities/build bridges
how to get perpetrator’s invested in process
popular education strategies
how to deal with gossip/conflicting narratives
support the survivor supporters
how to involve all genders

Transformative Justice (TJ)
incorporating SA response and TJ into any organization

RESOURCES (for perps, survivors, and organizers)
place for survivors to go to find automatic allies, support, and resources
getaway location people can go in order to heal outside of conflict. folks would dedicate time to caring for and processing with survivors
workshop guides
organizing tips
words of advice
how-to guides/toolkits
concrete tools/working examples
testimonials/ accountability success stories
newsletters (web and hard copy)
terminology/ shared language/glossary
zine library
models for doing work without a collective
healing and transformation of people doing with work (body-centered)
dealing with secondary trauma
strategies for confronting/dismantling CJ system
regionally/geographically organized (mapped)
critique of punitive justice
supporting the survivor supporters
network of therapists for referrals
event calendars by region
for youth
research on effectiveness
faith-based analysis

a radical voice to more traditional orgs
to isolated/rural people doing with work
to groups still in punitive justice
pop education on DV and partner abuse through churches and schools
introduce TJ to diff age groups and communities

would be good to have an international alliance of groups and link in with self-defense instructurs (NWMAF)
how can groups not necessarily doing TJ work, incorporate TJ into their group processes
How to have relationships with existing systems/groups doing TJ work
Make sure the network doesn’t turn into an “expert” body since folks are the experts of their own communities
Co-optation by the state/ mainstream DV/SA orgs; gradual assimilation/loss of radical analysis
Exclusion of non-radical groups
Ensure confidentiality of survivor and perpetrator

how do you address a perpetrator’s behavior when survivor shared information with you in confidence?
What do you do when perpetrator refuses to engage in a process
What to do when the community doesn’t seem to care (or enables perpetrator)
How do you deal with community trauma (community members being triggered/traumatized by assault that didn’t happen to them)
How to avoid TJ turning into support for perpetrators above survivors. how to guard against this and talk about it
How to engage people who feel accused right off the bat (typically white cis-men) of being “typical perpetrators.” How to help everyone realize that it is all of our jobs to change our actions and keep spaces safe
What do we do when unaccountable perpetrators are involved in accountability/SA prevention projects in their political work
How to challenge/work through a community that’s lost faith in accountability processes
Primary Prevention techniques outside of school settings (ex. bystander intervention models for local communities)
guarding against TJ becoming perp ally

  1. MariaMoon says:

    Congratulations all of this rare event that happens once in a hundred years!

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