Philly Stands Up is small collective of individuals working in Philadelphia to confront sexual assault in our various communities using a transformative justice framework. We believe in restoring trust and justice within our community by working with both survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault. We believe that sexual assault comes in many forms and we are doing what we can to actively combat it.

We work with people who have assaulted others to hold them accountable to the survivor(s) and restore their relationships within their communities. In dealing with perpetrators, we seek to recognize and change behavior, rather than ostracizing and allowing future assaults elsewhere. We support their healing process, and challenge them on their behavior in order to prevent future assaults.

We also work to educate ourselves and others on issues that contribute to sexualized violence. To encourage awareness building, we provide support for other groups and collectives as well as host workshops in Philly and elsewhere.

We are a group that survivors can come to for help and support. We will always support survivors and ensure survivor autonomy, where they will always be in control of how a situation is dealt with.

If you want to contact us about working with someone, or any personal situation you don’t feel comfortable using myspace for please email phillystandsup.safe@gmail.com

  1. vi says:

    hello philly friends. i will be in town jan.15-17 to visit “bff” and for a faeries gathering. i enjoyed meeting some of you two years ago and think of you, and the great work you do. while i didn’t register for the action camp, i’m hoping there might be a chance to connect, or to offer support in some way while in philly. i’ll be in touch with my friend, andy u. i’m not a (computer) social networker outside of work/twin cities. my cell # is the same, “fyi.” also if folks request them i’d be glad to bring zines – “DWOS Fights Rape”- to give away.
    if there is a community event as part of the conference i’d love to come out for it- and probably bring some philly faes with me. hope the action camp is everything its creators envisioned and more. i will be contacting you! please e-mail me at the above address if you want to say hi/respond, or to request zines (say how many).
    your ally and co-creator in struggle,vi (m.haldeman).

  2. Rebecca DeWitt says:


    I wasn’t sure how to contact you besides posting a comment, so please direct me to an email if that works better. I am a student at Oberlin College and I think your organization is really cool and would like to volunteer my time working with you sometime this summer (maybe in the month of July?)

    I have spent the past 6 months volunteering with the Lorain County Rape Crisis Center (LCRCC), and have found that while the work they do is very important, they are a very professionalized and bureaucratic organization that prioritizes work based on individuals rather than on political organizing around the issue of sexual assault. Reading The Revolution Will Not Be Funded and the Color of Violence has radically informed my politics and how I approach the non-profit industrial complex and its relationship to the issue of sexual assault. I want to work with a radical organization that approaches sexual assault with an awareness that institutional and political violence and issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality and ethnicity profoundly influence sexual assault and cannot be disconnected from the issue.

    I would love an email in response to this post if you would be interested in having me this summer. My email is rdewitt@oberlin.edu. Thanks!

  3. Matthew Johnson says:

    Dear Philly Stands Up:

    I am headed to Philly tomorrow and will likely stay until Sunday. I was wondering if anyone from your group would like to meet up with me for a chat while I am there (assuming you don’t have a central office). I work on similar issues in the D.C. area. I originally connected with you all at the U.S. Social Forum last year.

    I have a ton of ideas, so I am mainly seeking direction. I am currently pursuing an MSW at Howard University and plan to focus on issues of sexual violence (particularly when the survivor is a male). I am a male survivor myself.

    Thank you,


  4. […] * Over and over, for the past year and especially recently, people have directed me to Philly Stands Up: […]

  5. […] * Over and over, for a past year and generally recently, people have destined me to Philly Stands Up: […]

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