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Join Philly Stands up in Ann Arbor on November 4th, 2011 for a Day-long intensive training and strategy session to confront sexual assault on college campuses!

NASCO Institute 2011

For decades, students and faculty on college campuses have been investing their energy and hearts into confronting sexual assault. However the systems of calling hotlines, reporting harm to campus authorities and working to shift the shame connected with surviving sexual assault aren’t solving our problems. How do we get the support we need on (and off) college campuses? How can we meaningfully prevent sexual assault from happening? How can we respond to it effectively and creatively when it happens, and do so more adequately than campus officials or the police?

In this day-long intensive workshop, we will strategize past the limitations and challenges of organizing against sexual assault in co-op communities and confront key questions of how to change our framework. This is a Call to Action, for all folks who are involved in responding to Sexual Assault in their friend networks, on college campuses, and in student housing, including student co-ops. We invite people of all genders to be a part of this conversation because campus sexual assault affect all of us. Our goal are 1) to have participants leave this full day training with practical skills & tools and educational tactics & solutions; 2) to strengthen the connections among participants and foster a national movement to end campus sexual assault and 3) to have a team of students who are invested in continuing this conversation nationally, and among campus co-ops at NASCO Institute next year!


The Cooperative Leadership Track will take place Friday, November 4 from 10 am – 5 pm.
Registration is open to ANYONE and there is no application process. Just sign up!

The fee for the Cooperative Leadership Track is $25-$100 [Sliding Scale] for both NASCO members and non-members.

To make the track accessible for those who are the most financially limited, participants with less financial need or more access to organizational resources are encouraged to pay higher fees. Registration fees for this track go toward honorariums for the trainers and their organizations.

NASCO recommends:
$100 – participants from larger co-op systems and receiving high levels or full support for Institute fees
$75 – participants from larger co-ops sytems receiving some support for Institute fees
$50 – participants with no organizational support
$25 – low-income participants with no organizational support

Rehearsing Community Accountability
a workshop with Philly Stands Up
@ the Allied Media Conference 2011 in Detroit

our workshop description

So, you are sitting down with a person who has perpetrated sexual assault. You are across the table from each other. You are ready to move forward with the accountability process. Now what?

This workshop will dive into the concrete details of how to plan, facilitate, and communicate during an accountability process. Facilitators will act out different scenarios while participants help pause, rewind, fast-forward, and decide what skills, strategies and tactics to try in different situations. This workshop will be a fun, interactive and skillbuilding space to go deep on how to hold someone accountable. Please note: This session has great potential to be triggering for participants. We suggest that you remain self-responsive to your well-being. Support people will be present.

PSU is helping to organize a Sustaining Safer Communities “Science Fair” for the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this weekend. The Science Fair is a dynamic forum for groups throughout North America to share projects that they have created to end violence in their communities.


Audre Lorde Project/ Safe OUTside the System
Creative Interventions, “Every Ho I Know Says So”
Lusty Day
STOP (Storytelling and Organizing Project
CUAV (Communities United Against Violence)
AQSA zine
Philly Stands Up!
Toronto Learning to Action Transformative Justice Study Group
Oakland Sister Circle
Young Women’s Empowerment Project

This year’s Science Fair will build upon the overwhelming success of last year’s session by taking hands-on learning to the next level.

The Science Fair is designed to equip attendees with tools, resources, and connections to inspire, launch, and sustain transformative anti-violence initiatives in their own communities.

Attendees will learn skills from innovative anti-violence projects that use arts and media in their work, network with artists and media-makers, and experience videos, websites, and other media (available free or for sale)!

The event will also feature “science fairies” who will facilitate the session, more opportunities for exchanges between presenting organizations, and invitations for participants to spotlight their own amazing work. Feel free to drop by at any time during the session.

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